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Season 1 Episode 1Team Details Cool Kids Table

Series Premier S01 E01 -Team Details Cool Kids Table.

Folami Jenkins and Jerome Grant have spent much of their careers working with menus — Jenkins directs catering at the Capitol, Grant dining at the Smithsonian Institution. But day jobs just weren’t enough and, in 2013, they created Details Catering, a business they run on evenings and weekends to cater everything from bar mitzvahs to private dinners with first lady Michelle Obama. Now they are preparing for the opening of there new restaurant (Red Elephant) in January, with a tasting to present all the new up and coming dishes.

This series is designed to showcase established or up in coming Chefs in the Urban or downtown setting across America. We want to reintroduce these Chef’s in an artistic way through visual stimulation and we are using social media as our conduit

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